The market in private labelling has grown exponentially over the past few years. Statistics show that 67% of worldwide consumers1 now rate private labelled goods at parity with the bigger named brands, and 75% of American shoppers1 now rate private label goods as a good alternative to brand names. Comparisons with private vs. brand name on price mean that the cash-savvy buyer is always looking out for quality good at a low price. Sales of private label.

House brands are good way for start-up businesses to tap into the market for cosmetics and supplements without the overhead costs of setting up premises, spending capital on training, human resources and the overwhelming amount of administration that can go hand-in-hand with this type of business.

With our private label brands, you can be assured of the highest quality cosmetics and supplements which, when combined with our top of the range bespoke packaging design, will provide you with a product that is attractive and easily marketable.

So what are the advantages of private labelling?

  • Simply put, it saves you time and money. Our house brand is available as soon as you need it – order it with one phone call!
  • Lower cost to produce means bigger margin for you
  • The opportunity to build your own brand with custom design and branding – right from conception through design and production.
  • Make brand loyalty work for you – quality product, low prices
  • Low, low, overheads – save yourself and your business from unnecessary start-up costs such as facilities and machinery.
  • Assure in the knowledge that our quality goods are making your brand successful.

Private vs. Branding

Let’s cut to the chase: private labels used to be the bigger brand’s poor relation. This is no longer the case. Figures from Nielsen in 2014 show that 69% of American1 and 71% of shoppers worldwide1 believe that private label brand have vastly improved over time. In this economy, it’s imperative to offer the consumer a quality product at lost cost and private label goods have shown time and time again that they are the best alternative to the big name brands – a fact best illustrated by the incredible 94% of Americans1 who will continue to buy private brand products even after the economy has improved.

Think about that. Think of the 94% of American who will buy your products. You want a piece of that pie, right?

Yes, please!

Let’s give you some more facts and figures to sweeten that already delicious pie:

  • Sales of private label supplements and medications (US) in 2013 $515.6 million
  • Private label sales (in Wal-Mart) in North America in 2013 $49.3 billion.

We’ll wait whilst you pick your jaw up from the ground. You read that correctly, $49.3 billion.

So what are you waiting for? You are just a phone call away from beginning your journey to being the CEO of your own brand of cosmetics and supplements. Call us today and we’ll take you from conception through design to production and onto your greatest adventure yet.

1 Figures from Nielsen

2 Figures from Statista


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