Promoting Manufacture of White Label Cosmetic and Supplement

The global supplements market is growing from strength to strength and the shape of the market has changed rapidly too. Once dominated by large multinational manufacturers and brands, there is now a trend towards boutique private brands that sell to smaller local markets using niche branding techniques. However there are economies of scale benefits that large manufacturers can realise that make them more profitable and widespread. Smaller labels can struggle to manufacture in a cost effective way. That’s where we can help small brand owners grow their business without incurring huge plant and production costs, so that they can focus on developing their brand identity and collateral, to reach their customers more effectively, without the burden of large scale investment in manufacturing plant and raw materials.

We Invest the Capital So You Don’t Have To

No production run is too small for us, but we can also readily scale up your batches as your sales demand increases. We can respond quickly to changes and catering to fluctuations in demand is part of our service. Our clients don’t need to invest heavily in holding large inventory – we assist our clients to manage their stock levels efficiently through flexible ordering options.

We Keep Track Of Global Market Trends

The supplements market is constantly innovating, discovering new active ingredients, and improving its offering. We are committed to innovation, and are always seeking the next new improvements and ground breaking solutions to common health ailments, so that we can offer them to our private label owners. Whether it’s nutritional support for growth or healing, or beauty enhancement through internal supplementation, we have our finger on the pulse of the end purchaser. We are committed to ongoing research and we listen to global trends.

You Know Your Own Market Best

We produce customized, high quality supplements for leading brands all over the world. We know supplement manufacturing inside out. But you know your own local market best, and that’s why private label branding is such an effective way to reach niche target markets. You concentrate your efforts and marketing dollars in a focussed way that eliminates the catch all methods employed by larger supplement companies. Once you have identified and honed in on your target purchasers, you can then work with us to create customized products that will specifically appeal to them and address their particular health needs. We can help you with packaging, labelling, design and brand identity – or you can build your own brand collateral using your own in-house expertise or out sourced professionals.

Supplements Are Here To Stay

The general public are now more invested in their health and appearance, have more disposable income to spend on their health rituals, and are more educated about the benefits of supplements in their diet. Value Added Retailers are now an essential part of the supplement supply chain – quickly and efficiently supplying their customers via online and direct marketing channels. We are here to support retailers as they build their stake in the rapidly growing supplements market.


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