Manufacturing Skin Care Products to your Specification

Our all-natural skin care products come in a variety of formulations that are sure to make your customers happy. We have worked hard to create an innovative, effective line of skin care products that will make your customers feel pampered and beautiful.

Whether you are looking for general hair care products, skin care products or personal grooming products, or if you are looking for organic or botanical formulations, we can help. We also provide products for special conditions, such as anti-aging formulations, anti-acne products and skin care products for extreme needs, such as psoriasis. Or work with us on your own custom products that express your label’s unique focus and style.

Our skin care product team

Our chemists are highly trained experts in their field, and they are passionate about creating new formulas and skin care products that enhance people’s natural beauty and make them feel their absolute best. They engage in continuous improvement processes and are always working on their own knowledge and skills, whether in the lab or in keeping up to date with current developments in skin care science throughout the world.

Our processing facilities

In all of our products, we use minimal preservatives – just the right amount to ensure stability and safety, minimizing spoilage while nurturing and pampering your customers’ skin. We pay close attention to our sourcing to ensure only the highest quality ingredients are used in every product that we make.

Our exemplary quality assurance and quality control procedures ensure that every product we make is 100 percent to formula specifications and of the highest premium quality.

Because we manufacture in bulk, that means we are able to do all of this at a very reasonable cost to our private label customers. You will be pleasantly surprised by our rates and capabilities.

On the occasion that you are looking for an even better price, ask us about bulk sales or special offers on discontinued products.

Our manufacturing facilities are state of the art and meet or exceed all industry and regulatory standards. You are welcome to visit and tour our immaculate and efficient facilities. We know you will be impressed.

Exceptional customer service

Because driving everything we do is our fundamental and thorough dedication to providing exceptional customer service. If you are not completely satisfied, we will work to identify the problem and find a way to remedy it that is mutually agreeable to both parties.

But everything in our sourcing, research and development, manufacturing and packaging of our skin care products is designed to make sure such an event never occurs. We work diligently to make sure that all of our customers are completely satisfied with every product, every time.

Our business partners include some of the most elite skincare product providers around the globe, and we work hard to earn their, and your, trust. Give one of our sales representatives a call to start a conversation about what we might to do put our expertise and our passion for skin care products to work for your company.


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