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We are a Cosmetic and Supplement Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). We are excited to introduce you to our brand new climate-controlled factory where we can innovatively manufacture your supplements and cosmetic products that will rival the world’s top brands. With top of the line bulk powders and vitamins, your product conception is at your fingertips. Our real world products are scientifically tested and proven effective and they include: skin care, weight loss, firming creams, fitness supplements, cellulite care, vitamins and multivitamins, herbal remedies, herbal supplements, caplets, oils, liquid extracts, and much more.

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We can create original designs for a broad spectrum of packaging to suit your needs. Our experts in marketing can help shape fresh, vibrant designs which meet the expectations of your target audience. more...



With our private label brands, you can be assured of the highest quality cosmetics and supplements which, when combined with our top of the range bespoke packaging design, will provide you with a product that is attractive and easily marketable. more...

Fulfillment processes that have you covered from order to delivery

Fulfillment processes that have you covered from order to delivery

The fulfillment process is a way of describing the entire line of work from order to delivery. It includes warehousing, accepting and processing orders, finding the items in the warehouse, packaging those items, shipping the order and maintaining communication with the customer at every step of the process. more...


Sports Nutrition

Who doesn’t want to be like the elite athletes that we watch all of the time on the court, field or television? The world’s best athletes are celebrities in their own right and for good reason – we are fascinated by their ability to turn their bodies into finely-tuned performance machines.

Manufacturing Skin Care Products to your Specification

Manufacturing Skin Care Products to your Specification

Our all-natural skin care products come in a variety of formulations that are sure to make your customers happy. We have worked hard to create an innovative, effective line of skin care products that will make your customers feel pampered and beautiful.


Nutrition and Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Proper nutrition is a critical component of any weight-management regime. Have you ever heard the saying, “garbage in, garbage out?” Well, it’s as true for the human body as it is for any other system.


Body Ora Consultation on our Cosmetic packaging and product specification . Professionally approached our project understanding our Brand and Potential customer base. Designed a Unique concept for us that literally help our brand to take off over night

Mako Cosmetics Mako

Body Ora Designed our packaging and product formula from our current branding with a fresh concept that developed. Marketing Guidance dramatically increase sales and our current forecast will double expectations for the second year running

Colla Witch Supplements Colla WItch


MAKO Anti Hair Fall Hair Regeneration Shampoo

NEW MAKO Hair Regeneration ( image of Tester Set ) Anti Hair Fall stimulating growth with thicker growth . Our Best Ever Shampoo with our long lasting sexy fragrance . “For healthy, voluminous, silky, soft and shiny hair. Remove residual chemicals and reduce hair fall problem.” FDA licence Now Approved and will be Ready for […]

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Pinyon MAKO Supplement L Carnitine Benefits

Just 1 Capsule in The Morning ” L Carnitine ” Benefits 👍 Builds Lean Muscle 👍 Helps to Boost Testosterone in Men 👊 Increased Strength and Endurance 👍 More stamina 👍 Increases Male Fertility 💪 Reduces Recover Time from Exercise 👍 Better Metabolism 👍 Improves Mental Focus 👊 Energy Boost

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